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The Living 80/20 ethos is built on simplicity gets success, quite literally. Our three part programme is provided in five easy to follow steps. Suitable for any age, any ability and any personal goal!

  • 80% of the time = Healthy Eating and Movement.
  • 20% of the time = Enjoying life’s little luxuries and tasty treats!

Focused on movement and healthy eating – nothing more, nothing less. It’s that simple!


What’s Included…

Weekly Wellness Guide

Receive members only access to your weekly comprehensive core wellness guide. 

Weekly Food Preparation Videos

Full access to the members only food and menu area. Recieve weekly food preperation recipes and videos.


Weekly Movement & Exercise Videos

Members only access to weekly step-by-step movement and exercise videos suitable for all ages and any ability. 


Online Profile & Members Only Access

Personal members only profile, account and membership details.

Tasty Mealtime Menu Choices

Choose from our easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious food menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks.

Progress & Weight Loss Trackers

Personalized weight loss and course completion tracker. Keep track of your phyical achievements and personal progress.

Food Shopping Delivered to Your Door!

 Select the receipes for the week ahead, add receipe items to basket, and checkout for delivery direct to your door!

Exclusive 12 Week Membership

Only £1 per Day!

Living Eighty Twenty

What’s Involved..?

Learn new paths to the new you this New Year and start 2020 with Living 80/20!

Our 12 week challenge is simple and effective for all ages and abilities. Simply follow our five step guide, focussing on three core aspects that include; movement, nutrition & well-being – nothing more, nothing less. It’s that simple!

80% = Movement & Healthy Eating  |  20% = Enjoying The Treats and Things You Want

Part 1.

My Health & Well-being Guide

Part 1 – My health and well-being guide is designed to help you understand it’s the little things we do everyday, that make the biggest difference. Each week we cover various topics including; eating well, sleeping well, exercise and our own well-being. 

Part 2.

Movement & Exercise

Living 80/20 is a lifestyle change, our 12 week challenge is designed to help form new paths to a healthier, happier new you! Part 2 of Living 80/20 will teach you achievable exercises and workouts that can be done before work, on your lunch break or whenever is easiest for you!

Part 3.

Healthy Eating – Not Dieting!

Part 3 of Living 80/20 is eating healthy, not dieting! Jo guides you through weekly recipes and food preparation videos. You’ll learn the benefits of certain foods and how to easily prepare them.

Start your recipe to success with Living 80/20, the lifestyle change that welcomes life’s little treats!


My Health & Well-being Guide

Receive members only access to our weekly health and well-being guide which provides information, tips and advice. 

Eating well, sleeping well, exercise and our own well-being are vital aspects we all need to stay healthy.  We cover weekly topics in our exclusive members only guide. Helping you understand the small changes you can make to get healthy and stay healthy. 


How It Works…

Follow our simple five step guide for a healthier, happier new you! Just sign up and gain instant access to your Members Only Area and begin your 80/20 journey!

1. Weekly Health and Wellness Guide

We’ve compiled a comprehensive core wellness guide. Designed to help you understand vital fundamentals of being physically healthy, nutritionally well-nourished and emotionally well-balanced.

Each week new sections are provided in-line with weekly movement and recipe videos.

2. Choose Meals From Our Menu

Choose meals from the recipes section and follow the food preparation guide shown.  

3. Add to Basket and Checkout for Home Delivery

Each recipe shows a ‘Shop for Ingredients’ button. Simply choose which supermarket you’d like to buy from and checkout for delivery direct to your door.

4. Follow Your Weekly Workout Videos with Luke

Follow your weekly step-by-step workout videos with Luke, shown within your members area.

5. Follow Your Weekly Food Prep Videos with Jo

Each week members are provided a new food prep video from Jo. Which provides recipe and a food preparation video guide.

Exclusive 12 Week Membership

Only £1 per Day!

Success Stories…

“Living 80 /20 Is without fail the perfect fit for me to stay on top of my fitness as well as my nutrition and Luke and Jo are like having my best friends motivating and cheering me on I love it!”

Colette Love, Actress, Hammersmith

“I’ve lost weight, I look and feel amazing plus it didn’t cost the earth! Easy to follow exercises that Fit in with my busy schedule, have just transformed me!

I can’t believe the results! With such great tasting food!”

Melissa Kenton, Sales director, Camberley

“I feel very lucky to have been introduced to Jo & Luke Gray. It is a great support and the benefits are enormous. I have diabetes and had found it so difficult to keep to any programme ….not any more!”

Sally Margulies, Highgate

“The amazing Living 80/20 programme, it is fabulous, affordable and full of great exercise routines, food masterclasses, fab recipes.

An easy to follow twelve week plan! I have lost five kilos!”

Kate McGahan, Surrey


Who We Are…

Jo & Luke have been the best-kept secret in the fitness industry for years, having worked with A-list actors, pop stars, celebrities and sport professionals, fast-tracking their lifestyles for films and performances.

With 30 years of experience fast-tracking clients’ results – Jo, a sports psychologist/nutritionist, and Luke, a biomechanics Specialist, designed the eighty twenty Programme to show how you too can fast-track your results and change your lifestyle in a sustainable way!

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